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For Zerona services in Chattanooga, come to Maximum Health where our team of health professionals can work with you to achieve your fat reduction goals with Zerona.  Whether you are looking to lose a little or a lot, we have specific programs that can help you lose what you need to stay healthy and confident.

We have over 35 years of experience working with overweight patients that are in need of an effective solution.  We help you by providing Zerona and supplements, while working with a doctor and our staff to discuss your specific body type and issue.  Every individual is unique and we have doctors and nutritionists as well as support groups in order to help you reach your goals.

Our Chattanooga office is a medical facility to help you achieve a healthy weight in a safe and proper fashion.  We offer a variety of free initial services, including a consultation with a doctor or nutritionist and a free health evaluation to establish where you are and where you want to be. If you have spent years trying to work it out on your own and have been discouraged with the results, call us today to see how we can help.


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